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I have lived an awesome life. And… as Bob Dylan sang to our generation… “Don’t Look Back”. So, as I complete my 68th year on Earth and start my “sexy ninth” year, it will be a time of Transformation. My motto has been, “Work Hard, Play Harder” and I will be working a little less hard, so I can still play harder.

Kathryn and I WON'T be at the Harvest Festivals in 2014. We love seeing all of our wonderful customers, from grandmothers, to mom’s and their daughters to the grandchildren in strollers, four generations, three of whom have our earrings and we are extremely grateful to have met and spent time with you.

I am at a point in life where I have to choose. I could do the shows for another year or two, but, the physical demands of over four 10 hour days of travel, setup, selling, breakdown and travel to 7 to 9 shows over a three month period take a physical toll on my body that I am not willing to accept anymore.

2014 Harvest Festival
Click for 2014 Harvest Festival Show Schedule. Print and Cut Out Your Discount Admission Coupons And... if you haven't already, "Like" us on facebook. The link is near the top left of the page.
2013-14 Catalog Outside Cover 90dpi_sm.jpg
2014 Cover
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2013-14 HF Outside Top 40_90_sm.jpg
2014 Top 40 & New Styles
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2013-14 HF Inside Earwraps_90dpi_sm.jpg
2014 Earwraps, Ear cuffs and Threads
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2013-14 HF Inside Cal Con_90dpi_sm.jpg
2014 California Convertible Earspirals and Others
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