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please hit the BACK button on your browser. This is the place where guys can hang out... it's not that guys don't like you, it's just that we need our "space" sometimes, so we can surprise you in a pleasant way.

Men's Room... Men ONLY!

if you've come this far, you're cheating... No peeking! please


Here's a little secret to having a great relationship... Women love gifts... we all know that! We men sometimes think the bigger, more expensive it is, the better the woman will like it, but that is not always true.

I know you have heard women say it before, "It's not the gift, it's the thought that counts." or " It's that you remembered me." or " It's that you're thinking of me." They mean it!

It's better to get her several smaller gifts, more frequently, at different times, than one big one that she has to wait for a Birthday or Anniversary or Christmas to get.

Does this mean you never have to get her an expensive gift? No... not exactly. What it means is, when you get her a gift, get her another one... that is a little different, that is a surprise, that is unexpected.

For Example: You get her a pair of Earrrings... get her an Earwrap to go with it... or one rose... or a couple of her favorite chocolates... Plus...always... always... always give a greeting card, too! (After you order the jewelry, there is a link to a FREE e-mail greeting card site,

If you've been to our site before and know what she wants... Click on CATALOG or WHAT'S NEW at the top of the page.

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