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Have you considered selling Harry Mason Designer Jewelry?

Have people asked you how you put your Harry Mason Earspirals on? Do you tell them you stand on your head and spin to get them on?

Have people asked you where you got them? If this happens to you often, you may want to find out about how you can sell our fabulous and fun Earspirals.

If you like people and are an outgoing, enthusiastic person, you could sell our earrings, for fun and profit.

And even if you are on a very tight budget, you can start by referring others to our web site and earn credits toward FREE earrings!

To get more information or to get started, Click on the items below or for Fastest response, Contact Harry at

To see the jewelry pieces that are our Best Sellers and are part of our "Suggested Kits", CLICK HERE

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Selling Referral Packet
If you love our earrings and people ask you about them, you can win FREE earrings by enrolling in our FREE Referral Program.
Selling Harry's Jewelry to Friends or at Art & Craft Shows
Have you considered selling Harry Mason Designer Jewelry to friends and associates or at Art and Craft shows?
Selling Harry Mason Designer Jewelry in your Store
Have you considered selling Harry Mason Designer Jewelry in your Store or in a Store you are planning to open?
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KS & Jeanne at H1 Wanted Owner Managers_sm.jpg
Wanted Owner/Managers
Harry Mason Designer Jewelry is seeking well qualified Owner/Managers for it's current store on PIER 39 in San Francisco, CA and all over the world.

Why are we seeking them, now? Several reasons.

1. We have had many customers ask, "Why don't you open a store in my town?" 2. We have a turnkey system for training and assisting someone in opening an authorized Harry Mason Designer Jewelry store. 3. The world is still in a recession. Politicians don't know what to do, in fact they are making it worse! Our sales have increased in EVERY recession since we opened our business in 1970. Small businesses create jobs, so, let's roll up our sleeves, together and create new jobs. 4. If you have read my Blog... Read on...

purple box.jpg
Gift Box
All of our jewelry comes in an attractive transparent lavendar gift box provided at no additional charge.

The earrings are on earring cards that are designed to slip into the lid on a diagonal and hold the earrings hanging in the gift box. Customers love them and they are great to use boxed up for display.

The earwraps and earcuffs come in a smaller box. (We tell customers that the box for the little man earcuff is his home, where they should put him to sleep at night so he doesn't climb into the vacuum cleaner hose.)